Vibra-Tech, Inc.

Vibration & Rotating Equipment Technologies

Vibra-Tech  consultants, located in Freeport, Texas, have an accumulated experience spanning over fifty years in the technical fields of Mechanical Equipment Maintenance and Reliability Testing. This experience includes Vibration Analysis, Alignment and Balancing of all types of mechanical equipment used in virtually all industries from the Petro-Chemical and Power Generation industry to the Paper and Maritime industry.  Vibra-Tech consultants are involved with testing and problem-solving on virtually all types of equipment that will include Gas Turbine/Generators, Steam Turbines, Pumps, Blowers and other specialized as well as standard equipment associated with industry.

Vibra-Tech  maintains continuous research and development programs that include the availability of mechanical engineers to assist in solving new problems that occur with new technology.

Vibra-Tech  experience coupled with continual training and upgrading of knowledge and skills has allowed our consultants to consistently position themselves at the leading edge of technology which assures their clients the best service possible.

Vibra-Tech  is positioned to offer up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology in the field of Predictive and Preventive MaintenanceVibra-Tech has but one primary goal. That goal is to assist our clients in reducing maintenance costs, increase reliability and to reduce the down-time of mechanical and rotating equipment. Our consultants and technicians utilize the most up-to-date vibration analysis equipment and technology. In an effort to satisfy our client's needs the research and development department offers a high quality service producing a faster response time.

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